Our role is to match each student to a placement that will enable him/her to have a positive educational and cultural experience, and safe time in Ireland.

Individuals - A single student can come to Ireland on either our Long or Short-term programmes. Individuals can come independently, as part of a school or through a partner organisation. Our individual fees apply. Check with us for the current rate.

Groups - Are at least five students coming to Ireland at the same time and where we can liaise with one person for all their needs. Generally, groups come from agricultural vocational schools and we liaise with an international co-ordinator or English teacher. These applicants can be placed in the same sector or throughout the variety of our programmes. For example we can welcome a group of ten Dairy students or a group with some looking for dairy placements, others hoping for mixed farms and a few looking placements with horses. Groups tend to require Short-term placements rather than Long-term, but we can accommodate both.

Sometimes a group may want to avail of a pre- or post-placement orientation; this usually includes sightseeing, accommodation, and a fabulous Irish dinner for the whole group. We can arrange this to fit in with the group budget and will have a representative there to help with checking in and getting around.

Step 1
Once you have an applicant who is suitable for the programme, they must complete the application form, in pen or on a computer. This needs to be accompanied by a motivation letter giving as much information as possible about themselves, their previous experiences, and goals for this experience, a CV, at least one reference, a letter from the school confirming the student is attending their institution, and any pictures they feel will help. For equine students applying to the Horse programme, we must have photos of the student riding and/or handling horses. Some students are able to submit a video.

The application must be sent to us at least 8 weeks in advance of the start date. Try to give us as much notice as possible as we are usually placing students a month or two before they are due to arrive.

Step 2
We match the student with a placement based on the information in their application and what is available for the time requested. As soon as we have a host interested to offer a student a placement, we will send you a placements advice with details on the host family, the type of farm, yard or business, and contact details.

Step 3
If happy with the placement offer, then the student accepts it by signing the placement advice. They should then feel free to make contact with their future host family. This is largely done via email. We will then send you our invoice.

Step 4
Send all the flight details to us and we will coordinate the onward travel for each student so they can be collected by their Irish host. We will meet groups at the Irish airport and assist them with their travel, ensuring they get on the right transport and know where to get off. For the individual applicant, we will send the travel arrangements detailing how to get from the airport to the host family. The host will be ready to meet the student at the other end of the bus or train route.

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