In this privacy policy, we explain how we collect and use your personal information. This privacy policy applies to all your personal information that we process when you apply as a student or host, or otherwise come into contact with us.

1. Who are we?

Equipeople Ltd is an independent organisation that offers work experience placement in the green sector in Ireland for students of relevant education from abroad (inbound). We also offer an outbound program for Irish youngsters to undertake placements in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America. In addition to this we organise study tours and work in partnership with AmeriCamp to offer summer camp placements for young Irish equestrians.

2. The types of personal data that we process.

2.1 From an applicant
2.1.1 General
a. Name, passport number and other identity details
b. Your contact details
c. Information about training and work experience
d. Information about your trip and insurance
e. Our communication with you
f. Information that you want to share with us

2.1.2 Special personal data
Certain categories of personal data that we collect and use, such as information about your health and religion, are seen as special categories of personal data.

2.1.3 Personal data of criminal law.
Certain categories of personal data that we collect, such as Garda Vetting certificates, are regarded as personal data of criminal law. In the case of an outbound student travelling to Canada, we only share this data from an applicant with the Canadian government for obtaining a work permit.

2.2 From a host or external housing
2.2.1 General
a. Name, family members’ names and childrens’ dates of birth
b. Your contact details
c. Placement information
d. Preferences for a trainee
e. Our communication with you
f. Information that you want to share with us 

2.2.2 Personal data of criminal law

Certain categories of personal data that we collect, such as Garda Vetting certificates, are regarded as personal data of criminal law.

3. How do we collect your data?

Students coming to Ireland. Equipeople Ltd receives the data from an inbound applicant via the application form, either by email or by mail from the sending institution (school or agency.) This material is scanned or saved as a PDF on the Equipeople system.

3.2 Irish student going abroad. Equipeople Ltd receives the data from an Irish applicant via application forms provided by the Partner organisation in the receiving country. In some cases this may be via an online portal. This material is scanned or saved as a PDF on the Equipeople system.

3.3 Hosts. Equipeople Ltd receives the data from a host via application material by e-mail or by mail. Information is stored electronically (by scan in the case of training agreement and risk assessment and in the form of the Placement Advice in the case of contact details and personal information) and in hard copy.

3.4  Young people  going abroad for a camp counselling placement. Equipeople Ltd receives the data from an AmeriCamp applicant via an online registration form which is hosted on the AmeriCamp servers. After Stage 2 of the application process, this data becomes available to AmeriCamp camp directors.

4. The purposes for which we use your data.

The main purposes for which we use your data are to provide information, organise an internship for and in the case of outbound students to take care of the related paperwork such as a contract, work permit and visa.

4.1 Data inbound applicant
The data of an inbound applicant is used for the purpose of finding and securing a placement in Ireland. Contact details will be used for contacting the student when on their placement in Ireland.

4.2 Data outbound applicant
The details of the outbound applicant are used for searching and finding a suitable training placement, requesting a visa and / or work permit and sending out invitation letters to apply for a visa.

4.3 Data host
Data from the host is used among other things for sending information about our program, for sending a newsletter, searching and finding a suitable trainee, preparing a placement advice, preparing travel arrangements and for contact during the placement. Host data may also be used to prepare mobility passes or funding documents for students.

4.4 External housing data
The details of external housing, such as a host family, are used to organise accommodation for a trainee if the placement cannot provide this.

4.5 Data AmeriCamp applicant
Data is used for the purpose of seeking and securing a suitable camp placement for the applicant and for sending information about the program, orientations and for requesting information for visas.

5. Provide access or share data with third parties.

Your data will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes.

5.1 Data inbound applicant
5.1.1 Some general and special personal data are shared with hosts who might be able to offer a training placement and, if necessary, with external housing. The data that is shared pertains to the trainee such as name, nationality, date of birth, contact details, emergency contacts, education, work experience, purpose of the internship and relevant health information. Hosts are asked to use this information for these purposes only and then to destroy it.

5.1.2 Data of criminal law, such as a police certificate, are only requested when relevant to the placement, for instance when an applicant would be in close contact with young people or vulnerable adults through their work.

5.1.4 General details of the applicant (such as name and nationality) are shared with other applicants on their arrival in Ireland.

5.2 Data outbound applicant
5.2.1 The data of the outbound applicant is shared with the foreign partner organisation in order to assist them in finding an internship and applying for the necessary permits. This foreign partner organisation can share your information with a company that might be able to offer you a training placement.

5.2.2 Data of criminal law is only requested and shared with a governmental authority if this is necessary for obtaining a visa.

5.3 Data host
5.3.1 General host family details, placement details and contact details are used in the Placement Advice once a host has offered a placement to an applicant. This is then shared with the contact person at the foreign partner organisation or school, who makes it available to the applicant. Contact details are used in the travel arrangement for an applicant, in some documents required by funding bodies and in the case of a applicant from outside of Europe, in a letter provided for immigration at the airport of arrival in Ireland.

5.3.2 Host details such as name, general area and phone number are shared with applicants upon their arrival in Ireland for the purpose that applicants may contact others currently on placement in Ireland.

5.3.3 Placement contact details are shared with an external host family where necessary for the safety of an applicant in the event of an emergency.

5.4 Data external housing
The data of external housing is shared with both the training company and the applicant as well as the partner organisation if the training company requires external accommodation.

6. Security and storage.

6.1 Equipeople Ltd stores data in both hard copy and electronic formats. Electronic data is stored on our secure server and hard copy data is stored in our offices which are locked at all times when a member of staff is not present.

6.2 The website and the online system are managed in house by Equipeople Ltd staff. We have firewalls in place to protect your information.

6.3 Employees of Equipeople Ltd will process your data with care. We are a small organization and when we can access all data, we can respond quickly to situations and questions.

6.4 Your personal data will be kept for as long as necessary for the purposes described in this privacy policy or to the extent necessary to comply with laws and regulations to resolve disputes. E-mail correspondence concerning applications and the organisation of internships is destroyed after three years.

6.4.1 The data of applicants is stored digitally as well as in paper for a period of three years, unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise. Then data is stored for as long as deemed necessary.

6.4.2 The data of a host will be removed from the system on request.

6.4.3 If Equipeople Ltd terminate the agreement between a host and the placement, data will be destroyed after three years.

6.4.4 The data of external housing or a host family will be removed from the system on request.

7. International transfer of data.

7.1 Equipeople Ltd pass on the details of a host to our contact person at a foreign partner or school and subsequently, the applicant. This is only done once a host has offered a placement to an applicant and is done for the purposes of informing the applicant that they may accept the placement offer. The legislation in other countries may differ from the legislation in Ireland. Each applicant signs a GDPR agreement in their application, stating how host data should be handled.

7.2 Equipeople Ltd can pass on the details of an outbound applicant to our contact person at our foreign partners in order that they may arrange a placement for the applicant, or as process for obtaining a visa.

8. Your rights.

8.1 Right of inspection
You can ask us to view your personal data in the form of a copy.  If you require any further information, we can give you extra information such as the purpose of the data processing.

8.2 Right to rectification
You have the right to rectify your data if your data is incomplete and / or contains errors. We will correct incorrect personal or company data on request.

8.3 Right to delete data
You have the right to have your personal data deleted. This means that your data will be deleted by us. The deletion of your personal data is only possible if your personal details are no longer required for the initial purpose for which they were processed and the mandatory statutory retention period has expired. Because of the way certain services are set up, it may take some time before backups are deleted.

9. Incidents management.
Every incident will be reported to the person it concerns including all relevant information about the nature of the incident, the personal data it concerns, the possible consequences of the incident and the measures taken to solve the incident and to confine the damage.

10. Updates privacy policy.
This privacy policy goes into effect on 01-11-2019. This privacy policy is constantly being revised. We will inform you about any changes before they become effective.

11. Questions and complaints.
If you have questions or complaints about our privacy policy, you can contact the director in writing or via the email address

Equipeople Ltd
Co Laois

+353 57 864 3195

Equipeople Ltd
Co Laois

+353 57 864 3195