We are here to place each student with the placement best suited their needs and to help provide him/her with an enjoyable and safe time in Ireland.

We have a host base of over 400 host families who have all been visited by us in advance and who we feel are suitable to host a student. We look at the information provided by the student and try to match them with a host. When we visit a host we have a look at the accommodation available, the farm itself and discuss in depth with the host what our students require and what their motivation is for coming to Ireland. It is important to us that the host understands that the student is here to learn and is not cheap labour.

Second placements
If a student is not happy at a placement and has a valid reason for not wanting to remain there, we will attempt to place them with another family free of charge, subject to availability. Sometimes you can have a great student and host but their personalities are not compatible, in this case, we will usually be able to place the student with a second family and in exceptional circumstances a third. However, we will not place students in a second work experience if the first placement does not work out because the student has taken drugs, stolen or behaved in a socially unacceptable way such as getting drunk. If this were to happen the placement will be terminated and the student will be sent home immediately.

Welcome packs
Upon arrival, students receive a Welcome Pack from us. In the Welcome Pack we have information about farming, Ireland and places to visit. It also contains material on tourist safety. There may be some information on sightseeing tours that are available to our students, depending of the time of year. These trips are very popular with our applicants as they get to see some of Ireland, learn more about its farming methods and generally have a good time with people of their own age. Also in the Welcome Pack is a Contact Sheet with the names, nationalities, location and phone numbers of all the other students we have in Ireland at that time.

Phone calls
The host will be called to ensure their student arrived safely. Then we will call at the end of the first week to make sure that both the student and the host are happy with the match. At this stage we are in a position to sort out any teething problems between host and student to ensure that the placement works for both of them. If there are any issues we keep a note to call the student again in a couple of days or a week to see how he/she is getting on. Very often there are just settling in problems. Short-term students will receive regular contact and help with returning to the airport at the end of their placements. We are able to supply a report for each student, getting both the students and the hosts view on how a placement progressed.

Site Visits
All students attending a Long-term placement will receive a site visit from us. We do not guarantee a visit to students on the Short-term programme, but if we are in the area, we will do so. During the visit, we will sit down and talk to the host and the student separately. We make sure that we have a chat in a closed room so that the host/student feels free to speak their mind. We ask them both how they are getting on, if there are any problems or if there is anything that Equipeople can do for them.

We keep a detailed record of any discussions with both the host and student, firstly so that we are building up a history of the host, and secondly, to ensure that we have a record of how the student felt about the placement at this time.

Travel Arrangements
Equipeople organises the students transport from and to the airport, but the student pays for it. Once we have the students arrival details we will organise for them to get to the host. Sometimes, the host will collect the student at the airport, other times they will need to get a bus or a train. We will e-mail individuals details which include exactly what to do and how much it is going to cost. Groups will be met at the airport by an Equipeople representative, who will give them a sheet with the travel arrangement on and discuss the details to ensure each student understands the information. We also include our contact details and the host’s contact details in the event of a problem. Download a Sample of a Travel Arrangement

Back up services
Equipeople is here to deal with any problems or queries that the student has. In the event of a serious problem or if we should feel that the student is not safe we will remove the student from the placement and will arrange safe alternative accommodation until a new plan is organised.
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