For several years we have successfully worked with Horticultural schools, predominantly from France, whose students must spend a month in a foreign country expanding their practical skills and English language. This work experience goes towards their final grade and is very important to their future careers.

Ireland has become an increasingly fashionable destination for these students as their predecessors have gone home talking about the great learning experience and wonderful host families they have stayed with.

We ensure that the hosts who wish to take a student from our Landscaping programme have a project in mind which can be completed within the duration of the student’s placement. Projects could include creating anything from flower beds to installing a water feature.

The programme has really taken off and we have built up a large array of hosts who wish to offer such a placement to these students. It is open to any landscape student hoping to avail of such a work experience programme in Ireland.

As with all other work experience programmes, the student lives as part of the family, has a room in the family home and will be involved with many of the family activities. These are not agricultural students; therefore they will not be asked to perform any farming duties as they may never have even set foot on a farm before.
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