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July 2016
Summer is here, and you can feel it - occasionally.

With over 220 students in Ireland through the month of June, from short-term students here for just the month, to long-term students arriving in June and continuing on through the summer, it has been a very busy time.

So why have these students chosen Ireland for their practical work experience? Well that’s quite easy to answer, really. Ireland is known for her friendly people and hospitable nature.

But there’s more to it than that. Coming to one of Equipeople’s families, a student has a unique opportunity to improve their English language skills, and a get hands-on experience in the agricultural industry in a safe and supervised environment. Most students who come on our programmes want to stay longer, and many return year after year to visit with their Irish family.

More and more students, teachers and schools are seeing the importance of the English language on a global scale, so coming to a country like Ireland for four weeks, four months or 12 months is a super way to practice and perfect those English skills.

Our families integrate their students into their way of life and social circles, so students become confident, not only with English, but also in social situations and about themselves. Finishing a placement, students have a new found awareness of themselves and their chosen profession.

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Equipeople Irish Agricultural Work Experience

The Equipeople Irish Agricultural Work Experience Programme provides a supported cultural, educational and personal development experience for young Europeans from diverse agricultural backgrounds.
Students live as part of an Irish rural family and improve their English language skills at the same time.

Placements are available in dairy farms, mixed farms, horses, agri-tourism, small animals, Home and Horse and Landscaping.


Ireland’s agricultural heritage and family ethos makes for unique work experience placements for those planning a career in equine, agriculture, veterinary, landscaping or agri-tourism fields.

Carefully matched agricultural work placements to suit individuals

Our attention to detail means that students are well matched to carefully vetted host families and agricultural work experience placements. Some individuals thrive on a big commercial Irish farm whilst others benefit from a small family-run mixed farm. Other students again choose to provide family support or work in agri-tourism businesses.
Catering for both individual students or tailored school Groups, we are happy to welcome students for long-term placements of a minimum of three months and provide specific short-term work experience packages from one month’s duration for school groups. All students benefit from a complete support package that includes personal care and problem solving.