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Having launched the Home and Horse Programme in January 2011, this work experience programme is proving to be extremely popular with students who are interested in horses but may not have enough experience or confidence to join the Horse Programme.

This is a great short-term programme for girls who really like children but express an interest, or have had past experiences, with horses. It is a good way to be part of a family, gain a better understanding of what is involved in childcare, and to help look after family horses or ponies.

Applicants will live with the family, help to look after the children, be integrated as a family member and will also have the opportunity to help look after the horses or ponies. Riding is not guaranteed in the Home and Horse Programme, although most of our families will try to allow for this during the placement time.

The workload will normally be split: 60-70% of the time helping with children and household duties and 30-40% of the time helping with the family’s horses/ponies. This is a chance to be involved with horses, but in a much more relaxed environment - rather than on a professional or commercial yard placement.

Applicants will gain independence, an ability to prioritise their tasks, learn to time manage, and, of course, vastly improve their English skills. Applicants will also get the unique opportunity to be involved with the Irish horse world and see from the inside what having horses really means to an Irish family.
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